Customer seminars: Spreading knowledge about power quality

As a customer-centric organization, TDK India is conducting a series of seminars in various locations across Maharashtra in collaboration with Industry Associations to enhance customer knowledge about power quality. Here is a glimpse into some of the seminars recently conducted.

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Conversion from Penalty to Incentive 

The Maharashtra Electricity and Regulatory Commission (MERC) recently released a new order guideline for power factor correction, and also proposes kVAh billing in 2020. The power factor incentive and penalty structure has been revised and PF leading penalty has been introduced. Due to this, many customers have received a penalty or lost incentive.

In order improve customer awareness about the MERC guidelines, TDK India conducted a seminar entitled “Conversion from Penalty to Incentive” in collaboration with the Nashik Industries & Manufacturers Association (NIMA). The seminar provided detailed information about the power factor guidelines and covered the changes to be incorporated in the power factor control (PFC) systems and solutions offered by TDK India, including PFC capacitors, PF controllers, thyristers, automatic PFC (APFC) systems, and more.

The seminar also gave a glimpse of trending technologies such as PQSine™ active harmonic filters, PQvar™ stepless PFC systems (static var generators or SVG) and hybrid APFC solutions. The participating manufacturers associations – NIMA (Nashik), MAKH (Kolhapur), and MMA (Mahad) – appreciated the efforts taken by TDK.


Standing room only! The seminars conducted by the Manufacturers Association of Kolhapur (MAKH) and ...


... by the Nashik Industries & Manufacturers Association (NIMA) generated great interest among TDK India customers.

APFC & Power Quality

Over the last few years, electrical load types and load variations have changed dramatically. IT loads, LED lighting systems, factory automation, variable-speed drives, and more have all led to new requirements on power factor correction systems. The APFC & Power Quality Workshop conducted together with Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA) focused on the technical aspects of APFC components in the light of changing electrical loads, application orientation, IEC/IS standards, and the importance of specification.

CEEAMA also actively participated in the application forum and the Q&A session that addressed the selection of components, specification and design, and validation of PFC systems. As a special topic, TDK India experts informed attendees about the modes of failure and corrective actions, in addition to demonstrating PQSine active harmonic filters, APFC panels and PQvar stepless PFC (SVG) systems. Participants were also given a tour of the unique manufacturing set up of TDK India’s Nashik plant. 

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Innovative power quality technologies were the subject of the seminar in Nashik together with the Consulting Electrical Engineers Association of Maharashtra (CEEAMA).

Stepless PFC, Active Harmonic Filters and Hybrid APFC

TDK India teamed up with Tirupati Sales Corporation, a channel partner for TDK products, to conduct a seminar on PQvar stepless PFC systems, PQSine active harmonic filters and hybrid APFC systems in Surat. Many industrial end users, panel builders and some consultants attended the seminar and actively participated in the Q&A session.

The focus of the seminar was on real-time APFC and the new concept of hybrid APFC, which is the combination of traditional PFC systems with active harmonic filters and stepless PFC systems. Hybrid APFC represents an economical technological solution for today’s increasing demands on industrial power systems.


Participants at the seminar on PQvar stepless PFC systems, PQSine active harmonic filters and hybrid APFC systems that was conducted in Surat were interested in learning more about state-of-the-art solutions for today’s increasing demands on industrial power systems.

 To find out more about the upcoming seminars and workshops planned by TDK India, contact Rushikesh Rajdar at rushikesh.rajdhar(at)