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BR6000 Manual

The BR6000 Power Factor Controller (six and twelve stages) offers highly intelligent control behavior provide many features to APFC panel. It is very user-friendly thanks to its menu-driven handling. The multifunctional display greatly simplifies installation, handling and maintenance.


Interface of BR6000 explained


Programming Features

  • 20 pre-programmed control series with a self-optimized intelligent control response
  • Control-series editor for user-defined control series
  • Complete menu-guided operation and display
  • Automatic initialization
  • Display of various line parameters (V, I, F, Q, P, S...)
  • Display of voltage and current harmonics
  • Display and monitoring of temperature
  • Monitoring of the individual capacitor power values
  • Storage of maximum line-parameter and switching-operation values as well as of the turn-on times of individual capacitor contactors
  • Programming of fixed stages and the option of skipping individual outputs
  • Error detection for various states and interference-message output
  • Complete 2nd parameter set programmable/switchable
  • Test run of PFC system with error analysis

Physical Features

  • 6 or 12 switching outputs (depending on the type option for 7 or 13 outputs can be programmed)
  • Illuminated graphic display with 2 x 16 characters
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Manual/automatic operation
  • No-voltage turn-off
  • Switchboard-integrated housing 144x144x55 mm


BR6000-R66 relay outputs, 1 alarm relay
BR6000-R1212 relay outputs, 1 alarm relay
  • Interface RS485
  • Additional user programmable message relay
  • Input for second parameter set
  • Controller coupling possible
  • MMI6000 / MMI7000
  • MultiMeasuringInterface
    (for measurement of inherent current of capacitor bank)
  • Interface converter “RS485 to USB” for PC-connection
  • Interface converter “RS485 to RS232” for older PCs

Introduction Installation Troubleshooting