Nashik Run 2019

In Nashik, around 13,500 amateur athletes took part in the Annual Run for Charity. The run was a great success, with more than EUR 90,000 being raised through entrance fees, corporate and private donations. Employees of TDK India contributed nearly EUR 6,000.


H.S. Banerjee, Chairman of TDK India and Chairman of the Nashik Run Managing Committee, is one of the annual speakers at this major event.

The Nashik Run was founded in 2003 by TDK and Bosch, who are the platinum sponsors of the Charitable Organization. The run has two aims: One is to help physically and economically challenged people in society. To do so, the Nashik Run Charitable Trust undertakes projects in areas such as improving the quality of education, providing basic infrastructure for schools and providing medical support. The other aim is to encourage greater health awareness by giving people the chance to take part in a sporting activity. The event was managed by enthusiastic volunteers from both TDK and Bosch.

This year, three athletes from the Nashik region who are being groomed jointly by TDK, Bosch and the Nashik Run Charitable Trust to take part in the 2020 Olympics made their presence felt in the run by carrying the flaming torch.

50 girls from economically challenged families in Nashik district villages were given bicycles for their several-kilometer way to school. The objective is to save these students valuable time by letting them cycle to school instead of walking the distance, thereby leaving more time for their education. During the year 2018, a total of 350 bicycles were donated to girls from various schools in the rural parts of the Nashik region.

Over the past 16 years, the Nashik Run Charitable Trust has supported more than 300 projects. "We have been one of the biggest employers in Nashik for more than 20 years, and we understand our responsibility to serve our society," says H.S. Banerjee, Chairman of TDK India Private Limited and Chairman of the Nashik Run Charitable Trust.


Every year, the Nashik Run is a major event.


Ready to run!


It feels like the whole city is running at least part of the 4.5-kilometer course.